One Call Networks

When I first met David, he was visiting from his home in Colorado. With hopes of eventually moving to Traverse City, and opening up an office in this area. AFter he completed the move, and joined our BNI Chapter, we quickly began work on One Call Networks website. Being an IT company, it was important […]

Jesse Jefferson Music

I originally met Jesse in 2012 while still working as a producer and artist. Over time, Jesse has begun to build a name for himself within our local market of bars and clubs. While also from time to time DJing weddings. Jesse was interested in doing more weddings as an acoustic artist, or a band. […]

Superior CRMs

When I met Keith Clark, it was during the pandemic. With the shut downs still in full affect, I decided that I would take that time to improve my own DJ business. Looking into different CRMs on the market, I came across DJ Event Planner. Which provided all of the functionality I was looking for […]

Fun Pros Events

Located in Wisconsin, Fun Pros Events was a new industry for me to work in and it was a blast! When I first met Wayne, I was attending the Mobile Entertainment Expo in Last Vegas and Photo Booth Expo. Wayne, was struggling with his current website. Attracting his ideal customers and properly displaying and conveying […]

DJ Marketing School

When I first envisioned the DJ Marketing School as a platform, it was envisioned that it would become a place for DJs all across the world to go to in order to learn business, marketing and DJ tips! Through my travels, attending different DJ and entertainment conferences one thing became clear to me. Although most […]

Hit’s DJ

When I met Joe, the owner of Hit’s DJ Service in Rockford, Illinois I was attending Midwest DJs Live in 2022. After having a conversation about our entertainment businesses we made a connection and it became clear that Joe was looking to get something more out of his website. As the owner of the business, […]

Animal Medical Center

When I met Maggie from Animal Medical Center, she originally was still using the original website they had developed in late 2012. After working with them on maintenance for their website for some time, we hit a hiccup. The website was outdated, and the custom code utilized for the website made it difficult for Maggie […]

Carnes Painting & Gardening

When I met Carnes Painting & Gardening, they had been in business for sometime. Building their business, and working with a number of different clients. From home owners, to small business owners. Most of their work had been generated via referrals, or community network marketing that they had done. However, they did not have a […]

Transformation Coaching LLC

When I met Kennith, we was beginning Transformation Coaching. He had built his own website via Squarespace. Which looked ok, but it was lacking in conversion mapping, and engaging content. Although it’s important to have a good looking website, it is equally important to have a website that resonates with your ideal client, and includes […]

231 Entertainment

When I met Bill, he had just returned from the oil industry – and was looking to get his start again with DJing. After previously owning his own entertainment business, he was looking to get a fresh start and in his words “do it right this time” After speaking with him about his business plan, […]

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