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Superior CRMs

When I met Keith Clark, it was during the pandemic. With the shut downs still in full affect, I decided that I would take that time to improve my own DJ business. Looking into different CRMs on the market, I came across DJ Event Planner. Which provided all of the functionality I was looking for from a website integration aspect. However there was one glaring problem that I had at the time. THE LOOK OF THE PLANNING PORTAL!

As a web designer, it was important for me to brand the entire experience. From start to finish for my couples. Making it easier for them to plan, all while building trust, brand awareness, and my reputation. I found Keith, looking for opportunities to match my DJ Event Planner planning portal with my website.

Almost immediately, Keith and I clicked. He saw how excited I was with the advanced functionality within DJ Event Planner and was always willing to lend a hand. After having his old business Perfect Portals update my planning portal, we became quick friends!

Shortly after, he left Perfect Portals and decided to start his own business. Superior CRMs. When this happened he reached out to me for building the site. Doing the discovery session, market research and competitive research (into other business CRMs companies) I quickly came up with a design idea. Although he wanted something very simple, with limited pages, his website now perfectly reflects his professionalism and creativity!

Advanced Integrations
Calendly integration | Branded blog templates |

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