Project Name

231 Entertainment

When I met Bill, he had just returned from the oil industry – and was looking to get his start again with DJing. After previously owning his own entertainment business, he was looking to get a fresh start and in his words “do it right this time”

After speaking with him about his business plan, and marketing strategy it became clear that he did not have one. In getting to know him, and his business we began to work on helping him build his business. The first thing was to get rid of his “DIY logo”. Although- he had put a lot of time into the creation of it, It was not a logo that was representative of his ideal client or who he was trying to attract.

After getting him connected with a talented logo designer, we had a great logo! Then we got to work building his website! While the website was in development we had a conversation about sales. When I realized he had no real system, or process for booking, planning or executing his events. After introducing him to DJ Event Planner, and the team at Perfect Portals. We got him set up with his own DJ Event Planner account!

Now he has a great-looking website, with advanced integration with DJ Event Planner and a portal that matches his website!

Advanced Integrations
Brand Strategizing | Logo consultation | On-line planning tools & timeline tools | Advanced DJ Event Planner integration

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