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Transformation Coaching LLC

When I met Kennith, we was beginning Transformation Coaching. He had built his own website via Squarespace. Which looked ok, but it was lacking in conversion mapping, and engaging content. Although it’s important to have a good looking website, it is equally important to have a website that resonates with your ideal client, and includes a clear path for them to purchase!

After taking his “Change your mind, create new results” workshop, at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City, MI. We began discussing the opportunity to build a website for Ken and dialing in his messaging in order to resonate with those he hopes to attract.

Through the process, we defined his unique selling proposition, and his messaging in order to not just resonate with his ideal client, but adequately educate them on what Transformation Coaching offers in a way that perfectly encapsulates the business!

While in our Discovery Session, Ken had mentioned that “people get confused with what I do, I feel that I am not being clear enough to educate people on what I offer, and everything that I do.” With that in mind, it was my main focus, to not just write copy for the website that resonated with his ideal client, but also educated them!

Advanced Integrations
Standard service page w/ contact form | Digital business card w/ QR Code | Branded blog template | Custom branded theme

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