Project Name

Fun Pros Events

Located in Wisconsin, Fun Pros Events was a new industry for me to work in and it was a blast!

When I first met Wayne, I was attending the Mobile Entertainment Expo in Last Vegas and Photo Booth Expo. Wayne, was struggling with his current website. Attracting his ideal customers and properly displaying and conveying his unique selling propostion.

Although, they were widely known in the area for their inflatables and bounce houses. Wayne had a desire to really begin building a reputation within his market for his ‘Fun Pros Feud’ Show they would do, along with the other trivia games and corporate events.

So we devised a plan to build a website, that would focus not only on the corporate side of events, but also on the trivia. Along with a standard contact form, we also created a branded template, for Wayne to upload their regularly hosted Trivia and Bingo shows. Using dynamic content, and custom loop listings, I create a custom post type for his shows. Where he could fill out a form with the information for users to easily find a show in their area. Along with Smart filters, and a search function in order to find a specific game type, in a specific area!

Advanced Integrations
Standard service page w/ contact form | Dynamic loop listings to display game times, and locations | Branded templates for games to be viewed individually | Smart filter search allowing users to search a game type, and location

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