Leelanau Chamber of Commerce

Website Proposal & Scope

OBJECTIVE: Design and create a band new website for Leelanau Chamber of Commerce. Allowing visitors to easily navigate the many business owners who are members of the Chamber of Commerce using categories, and business listings.

GOAL: To have a professional looking website that is up to date, contains relevant members contact information and conversion path, with little intervention from the current or future leadership teams. 

This website will be built in WordPress, along with an extensive framework that allows us to show case the Chamber members, information and categories with out the need of an online platform or subscription. 

Let’s talk about how we’ll get that done!


“Business” – Custom Post Type 

Example of the WordPress dashboard with a "Business" Custom Post Type. Where you can see all of the members of the Chamber, or manually add new members if you wish.
In WordPress, a custom post type allows us to add customizable content types and information to our website. Along with the business name, we can use this post type to add each members information (as much as we’d like) such as.
  • Business phone number
  • Email address
  • Website domain/URL
  • Business Logo
  • About this business section

Along with creating the design elements of the website, I will create the “Business” custom post type with all relevant information we’d like it to contain.

Dynamic Template Design

Along with adding custom information into the website. The Custom Post Type also allows us to design a custom dynamic template, that will match the branding as the rest of the website, and display that information on the front end for any visitors viewing the website. By Pulling the data from the custom post type, we can display which ever information we want to display to the end user with out the need of designing each page for each user. 

Along with including a link to the business’s website, or a contact form that is sent directly to the business owner based on the email associated with the post type. 

Example of a dynamic design, pulling information from the 'Business' Custom Post Type referenced in the image above. (Business name, phone number, email, website and image)

Custom Taxonomies & Front end User Forms

Custom Taxonomies allow us to organize the business information in Categories. IE, Dine, Play, Shop, Stay & Live. Each business will be designated to a category, when filling out their business information, which will tell the website, which area their profile belongs. 

The Front End User Forms, allow us to collect the business information directly from the business. Connecting it to the Custom Post Type “Business” and automatically generating the profile on the Chamber’s behalf. This will allow the leadership team to simply share the URL for the business information page, in order to collect the business information. Which will be listed onto the website shortly after completion With out involvement from the leadership team (unless you would like to approve the business prior to being listed on the website)

Example of a front end user form that is used to fill out the Custom Post Type "Business" by providing the business owner with a link to a form to fill out.

Custom Listings

After creating a way to show each member profile, we need a way for the visitor of the site to view the business prior to viewing each dedicated profile. This is where the custom listing comes in! 

This listing allows me to generate a number of business in a visually appealing way. Showcasing based on category, only giving the visitor the businesses they’re looking for.

Example of a custom Listing from "Business" Custom Post Type. Show casing minimal information, a photo and a call to action for the visitor to view the profile. Note: "Starting Price" was used in this example, but will not be on the Chamber's website.


This Framework will be methodical, intelligent, and thorough. Allowing the Chamber to have a sophisticated website, that will serve as a foundation for its online presence. With very little intervention from members. With an intuitive, easy to understand design, templated to match the Chamber of Commerce branding it will serve as a data base & directory for the Chamber of Commerce members. WITH OUT the need for an ongoing subscription to an online platform, and 100% customizable, allowing us to get as detailed as we wish all while matching the branding. 

I received this referral from a fellow BNI Member. Due to that, I have discounted this portion of the website. The typical price for this framework would be $2,000. However, since it was a referral I have implemented a $400 discount to the price for this section. Bringing the total for this frame work and functionality to $1,600.



WordPress Website:

I will build this website in WordPress, with a Homepage serving as the main landing page which will include navigation to the categories mentioned above, and call to actions to become a member and a conversion path to signing up.

What’s included in this:

  • Custom Chamber of Commerce Header w/ navigation
  • Homepage, and interior pages dedicated to different categories
  • Branded footer with information
  • Template & Global elements that can be used in other places of the website. 

Elementor Visual Page Builder License:

I build my websites using a sophistacated visual page builder called Elementor. Which allows drag and drop visual building, and editing of the pages. Allowing my clients to easily update, change or add information to their website as they see fit. 

Example of Elementor being used to build this page, with it's drag and drop elements...Inception anyone?

a single license for Elementor costs $50 a year for a single website. Each of my clients get a license included with their website. 

Templates, Global Elements & Design:

While designing the website, I also build templates, global elements that reflect the design choices. Allowing leadership team members to easily piece together new pages using those elements, that reflect the entire website. 

Mobile Optimization & Device Variance: 

My websites are optimized for mobile devices. Utilizing different templates based on the device that it is being viewed on, ensuring that every portion of the website is displayed in the best way that it can for that particular device.


This is the standard package required for a web design project. A few things to note is that I do not offer hosting- however, I would be more then happy to consult on proper hosting for a project of this scope, and educate you on the type of hosting you would want. It would be up to the Chamber to pay those hosting dues to the relevant parties, and I would be available for any issues, and am always willing to lend a hand if need be after the project goes live. 

Again, because this project was a BNI Referral I have discounted my standard website price- this time by $600. Instead of $3000 for the website portion of this project, it is only $2400.



This website would be an overall investment to the future of the Chamber of Commerce. Having an asset with this type of sophistication, customization and functionality will not only allow the Chamber to have a website that lists, displays and allows navigation to all of the relevant members. But does so both with out the intervention of members from the chamber (with the exception of the members filling out their business information) and displays the entire website in a consistent fashion building trust online, as well as in the community. 



Kick Off Meeting & Retainer fee:

The first step after agreeing and signing an agreement would be to meet for a kick off meeting. In which we will go over this proposal in person or on zoom, in order to answer any questions you may have. Typically this meeting is an hour to an hour and half. 

After which, 50% ($2000) of the overall total would be paid. via digital invoice that can be paid electronically. 

Homepage, Framework & Design Reveal:

Once the Homepage design elements, custom header, footer, custom post types, taxonomies, front end user forms and dynamic templates are complete. We will meet again and go over the design choices, and the functionality in order to get approval and input. 

Finish Website:

Once I receive approval, I will finish the homepage navigation to the different categories, finalize the listings and complete the remainder of the website. Receiving the remaining 50% balance ($2,000) prior to going into beta with the website.


Typically for a local service business website I usually say 8 – 12 weeks from start to completion. However, due to the level of customization and moving parts of this website, 12 – 16 would be on the safe side in order to complete the website.

Launching & Going Live:

Once the website is complete, we would want to do a silent launch. Meaning we go live with the website, and show case it to other business owners in order to check the mobile optimization, front end user form functionality and templates in order to ensure that all of our I’s are dotted and our T’s are crossed. After no more than 30 days of beta testing the website, we can be much more vocal about it’s existence and begin sharing it far and wide! 

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