Project Name

Third Coast Chiropractic

When I met Dr. Bradley Hahn from Third Coast Chiropractic he was still hosting and designing his website in Wix. After showing him the benefits of WordPress, from an industry standard perspective and a cost analysis perspective he was interested in giving his website an updated look!

Through our Discovery Session it was found that Third Coast Chiropractic would like to give visitors the ability to not only book a new patient appointment directly from the website. But also pay a required deposit after booking, and having the patient receive the new patient intake forms for the appropriate appointment that they had just booked!

Working to design the website in a way that was reflective of his target audience, we gave the website a very modern look, and using tools created an appointment booking system that allows the clients to book their initial appointment, pay the deposit and be redirected to the page with a clickable download form!

Advanced Integrations
booking new patient appointments directly from website | pay deposit after appointment is made | download appropriate new patient intake forms after paying deposit | digital business card w/ QR code |

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