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Northern Michigan DJ . Com

Northern Michigan DJ . Com was the second website design project that I had ever done! At the time I was still working at the Marketing Agency that employed me! For a long time, being a DJ for Northern Michigan DJ . Com I was very close to owner, and had approached him prior to launching my brand in hopes of revitalizing the website. At the time, the website had last been updated in 2011. leaving the current state of the website, in the modern age leaving a lot to be desired! With no conversion plan to speak of, and no way to fill out a contact form or even click a phone number to call left it difficult for visitors to reach out to him! Shortly after launching my website, the owner realized the power of having a well designed, built to convert website

I was unsure of exactly how to go about building the website. Although I have worked as an account manager for many web design projects. Working as the web designer, and building the website from the ground up was a new challenge. So we began by taking him through the same process that I used to. Beginning with a Discovery session- to get the information I needed on the business, delivering a wireframe of the content mapped out and the pages involved and I began building.

At the time, his domain carried a lot of authority with Google. So one thing we were concerned with was losing that SEO power once we updated the website. In order to negate that, we decided that we would give the website a face lift, build it with a temporary domain, leave the web copy of the website the same, but update the visuals and the photos!

The website was a massive success! He loved his website, and shortly after connecting it to his domain- he began receiving inquiries and the website paid for itself! This project proved to me, that I was capable of building more websites than my own and have them be successful!

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