Project Name

Northern Beat Entertainment

Northern Beat Entertainment was my first project & what began my journey into becoming a freelance web designer. Although this is the second variation of the website. When I created the initial website I was working at a marketing agency as a marketing strategist.

When I began developing Northern Beat Entertainment, I was working as a DJ for a couple different wedding vendors. Through my research into the market, and competitive analysis I realized that there was a massive gap in the market. The few DJ’s who were taking advantage of google, well converting websites and messaging were also the highest priced wedding DJ’s. Where those I was working for were not taking advantage of Google, and had poor converting websites.

In my research I realized that most couples were searching on Google to find their vendors. Most of the time, being presented with the same 3 vendors- receiving very high price quotes for their event. I recognized an opportunity. If a business could take advantage of the this fact, and offer services at a high quality with a great price, they would quickly be receiving the same leads as the few that were ranking high on google, making their offerings more desirable. Allowing more leads to come in, and higher closing ratios.

When I approached both companies about this fact, neither had the money to invest. So I created my own business! In order to test the waters of my web design capabilities. Implementing the same systems we did at the agency that I worked for, I quickly launched my website to great success! I began booking more events, until I had more events then both companies I used to work for!

In this process I also learned something about myself. I LOVE WEB DESIGN. I had such a blast building my own brand, and implementing my own marketing strategies from a technical perspective that I quickly became more invested in helping others do the same! As my own business continued to grow, business owners that I was connected with realized my success, and began asking me to help them do the same with their businesses! If it wasn’t for Northern Beat Entertainment, I would not be doing the marketing that I am doing now!

Advanced Integrations
Automated Check Availability | Client Login Dashboard | Online Planning Forms | Online Timeline Tools | Online Payments | Music Selection Library For Building Playlists | Dynamic listings | Custom post types to display vlogs | Branded vlog template

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