Project Name

Carnes Painting & Gardening

When I met Carnes Painting & Gardening, they had been in business for sometime. Building their business, and working with a number of different clients. From home owners, to small business owners.

Most of their work had been generated via referrals, or community network marketing that they had done. However, they did not have a website, or a central place to funnel online traffic through to represent their brand, and convert potential customers into actual customers.

During our first meeting, I made a crucial discovery. Their Google My Business profile listed the ENTIRE united states as their service area! Yes, EVEN ALASKA! With this information in hand, I knew that it would be crucial to complete setting up their business profile prior to building the website. Since, people all across the United States would find their listing, even though they would not have the resources to work with them!

After correcting their profile, we got to work on their website. It was important for them to have the website articulate their USP (unique selling proposition) along with everything they do. The differences between the painting, gardening and what they offer for each!

So we got work, and now they have an amazing looking website that adequately represents their brand, what sets them apart and why customers should work with them!

Advanced Integrations
Standard service page w/ contact form | Help setting up their own hosting | Photo upload in contact form

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